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Crocketford Community Initiative Dumfries and Galloway

The Initiative was established in 2005 to take over the running of the village hall

Crocketford Village Hall

Village Hall, Crocketford.

The Crocketford Community Initiative was established in 2005 to take over the running of the village hall. Prior to that, the hall had been adminstered by trustees since 1922 when the building, then the village school, closed and was sold to the community for just £1. 

The last major refurbishment of the hall had been in 1952 and had cost the then significant sum of £2,000. However, by 2005, the building was is in a fairly dilapidated state and significant investment was required. 

Responsibility for the hall was handed over to the newly-formed Crocketford Community Initiative, chaired by one of its founders, George Rutherford. At a handover over event attended by some of the original trustees, the Chairman was able to announce that a grant of just over £6,000 had been made by Dumfries and Galloway Council to defray the costs already incurred in stage 1 of the refurbishment, the drawing up of plans and estimates for work involved. 

Since then, the Initiative has successfully sourced funding for and carried out some major rennovation works including a complete new roof, new windows, the installation of an air-source heating system, lowered ceilings and a new floor creating a new chapter in the life of this 189 year-old building. 

It is a resource our village can be proud of and enjoy for many years to come. 

Crocketford Community Initiative
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